who we are ?

TMR group, having more than a decade of service experience in commercial field, is moving forward courageously by ensuring concentration in various trading areas. Expert functioning based on firm faith and strong legacy guides TMR to success. We strongly believe so.
We are continuously prompted to depend on family members, friends or relatives for majority of requirements which are part of our busy daily life. The current situation is such so. Even though our state is having a strong literacy rate, majority of its people are monthly prompted to climb down offices of service providers wasting their valuable time for paying bills or for any other services. Maaxus Mini Hub takes an initiative to put an end to this custom by introducing an innovative tradition. Through this new advancement every service will be clubbed under one roof. Maaxus Mini Hub will stand beside you to provide any legalized service in clarity and time bound.

TM Nazeer | ceo & founder

Our Aim

To open service centers with international standard in all the villages of Kerala and to provide services to common people at their door steps by giving same face to every centers in professional way. We aim to open a service network in the name, Maaxus Mini Hub.

How we do

We plan for 2500 Maaxus Mini Hubs all over Kerala. A team of 4 or 5 members will be working in all service centers to ensure services to each customer. We ensure transparency in any service done through Maaxus Mini Hub by giving receipt and detailed bill to the customer.

Why we do

Maaxus Mini Hub will be providing more than 150 services to the customers. And so, people will whole heartedly accept the idea of all services under one roof. We believe so. Keralites, having a special penchant towards novelty never shows a comprmise on quality. So, we have a demand turned promise that more than thousand stas working in Maaxus Mini Hub’s service centers should ensure that quality. We assure you that we will ensure quality in our services. For this our stas will be given special training in certain intervals to update themselves with new develoments in service eld to ensure excellent services. With this we will be able to provide quality assured services to our customers through Maaxus Mini Hub. Apart from it, Maaxus Mini Hub ensures transparency in services while handling legalized documents.

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